Love Dating Tips in 2021 – Dating Advice for Men and Women

Follow These Basic Love Dating Tips

A lot of things have changed in the world, including the dating scene, but there is some very basic love dating tips and rules that will never change and which everyone should be aware of.

These are time-honored tenets that hold true whatever age you are and whatever level in the dating game you may be in. Whether it is a hook-up, exclusively dating or no commitments arrangement, this love dating advice is like the standards of dating.

How You Look

To begin with, try to look your best. Whether you are male or female make an effort to look good and smell good. Be freshly showered and wear nice, clean clothes. If you have the budget to buy new clothes do so not just for your date to look good but to make you feel more confident about yourself.

Look in the mirror before you leave your house. This is one of the important love dating tips that anyone in the dating scene should follow.

Essential Rules

Be light, funny and witty by showing you are a happy person. Do not make it difficult for the communication process to flow by being open and engaging. Even if this date does not lead to anything, try to make the most of the situation and enjoy yourself.

So when you set up the date, make sure you agree on a place and time that works for both of you. For example, if you hate Chinese Food then don’t bother to go to that Chinese restaurant even if it’s famous. You will be starting your date on the wrong foot if go where you don’t want to be. Setting up your date well is a very sound love dating tips.

Be Mindful of your Manners

If you can stop checking your cellphone for messages or your bb for updates of where your friends are. This is just outright rude for anyone to do while with someone even not on a date.

Another of those love dating tips is to keep your cellphone in your pocket or in your purse. If somebody needs to be able to reach you, inform your date about it beforehand and apologize already for being on call.

Be respectful of the person you are with. If you are male, do not ogle at the other women in the room or have shifty eyes when she’s trying to talk to you. Focus on where you are and who you are with.

If you are female, do not eye that sexy guy with abs at the next table. Love dating tips tell you that you should treat your date like he or she is the only person in the world, especially if you want this date to lead to a relationship.

Do not be too obvious about anything and have a lot of interesting layers that need to be peeled one by one. Be interesting enough for your date to want to know more about you and every succeeding date should leave him or her wanting to be with you more and more.

Be a little mysterious and intriguing to the other person. These are very good love dating tips to guide you in your dating life.

Love Dating Tips For Men

The love dating world is quite competitive these days and everyone needs dating tips even men. This is because men in general do not like to fuss and be fussed over. Men take dating as a matter of course and tend to treat women like one of the boys.

But this is the age of the “metrosexual”, the gentleman who cares about how he looks the way a woman does, even if he’s straight and not gay. So as a man, you have to read up on love dating tips and even up the playing field in order to survive the dating world.

Look Good

A man does not have to look like a model to attract a woman. Start off by being conscious about cleanliness – you, your clothes, your shoes, your nails. Women check out a man’s nails, his nape, the back of the ears so better not forget these dating tips.

Women love a clean masculine odor, which you only get if you have just showered and use deodorant. Wear freshly laundered clothes and clean shoes because even the most expensive shoes will look ugly if mud-encrusted or unwashed for a long time.

Be Considerate

Another of those love dating tips is being considerate. Men tend to get confused on how to handle women because women are very complicated creatures. Whereas men take things at face value, women are more multi-dimensional. It takes some skills to handle a woman or else a man will be branded as insensitive and unconcerned.

For example, even if chivalry is dead and you don’t open car doors for women, take that huge shopping bag that your girlfriend is lugging around without being asked. If she drops something, pick it up for her and always ask her where she wants to go and what she wants to eat. This love dating tip is important – doing little things like these shows that you care how she feels.

Know Something

One of the love dating tips to remember is being nice to talk to because women enjoy talking. This means to read up on what’s happening around you, so you can contribute to the conversation. Despite the fact that women like a good listener, they will also want to hear what’s in your head.

Whatever it is that interests you, be knowledgeable in it. Whatever your course in school is, or if you’re a professional, whatever your job is, make it sound interesting and talk about it. Dating tips like these prepare you for your date.

Show that your life has some direction and you have the drive to succeed. In short, do not be a loser with a capital L. Women do not only see what’s right in front of them, they tend to look at years from now. So if you go to the bar with the boys every day of the week, rethink your life before you try to get into a relationship.

This is if you’re in it for the long haul. Most women are achievers and will not date you if she thinks she will have to feed you. Remember these love dating tips and have an enjoyable date that can lead to a relationship.


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Love Dating Tips For Couple
Love Dating Tips

Love Dating Tips For Women

The love dating game is a very competitive world so it is important for women to note dating tips. Before any of those dating tips, a woman should remember to know her worth and believe in herself. High self-esteem reflects on how you carry yourself as confidence cannot be bought, it emanates from within.

If you are a woman with high self-esteem, you will attract a man with equally high self-esteem. In other words, if you’re a winner, you will also attract the winners and this can also be applied not just in love dating but also in life.

Take Care of Yourself

One of the useful love dating tips is you should always be mindful of your safety and security. Even if you have chatted with this person online, and exchanged a number of texts and emails, you don’t know who this person is until you meet face to face. Be safe and do not put yourself in a situation where you can be in danger.

A first date, especially with a total stranger, should always be on neutral grounds. Choose a public place where you cannot be compromised. If you want you can make the first date with a group. It is a given that alcohol may be involved so make sure you have a buddy who will watch out for you.

Watch What You Drink

Another of those dating tips does not to get drunk on a first date. It is very dangerous to get drunk with a stranger. It also does not speak highly of you and your character. If your date gets drunk, it does not speak highly of him either. You can dump him right there and then.

If you did not drive and went on the date with the guy, be sure you have you a way out of the situation if he turns out to be a heel. Have cab fare tucked away for emergency, and always tell a friend exactly where you are. Remember these dating tips as it is better to be safe than be sorry.

As mentioned earlier, first dates should be on safe and neutral grounds. Some people choose to go and have a drink on a first date, so that if it works out then dinner can follow. This way you are not stuck for a whole meal in a horrible situation. But make sure you do not have that first drink on an empty stomach or else the alcohol will go to your head.

One More of Those Love Dating Tips

One more of those love dating tips is to be interested but don’t be too eager. Men like a challenge and a woman who is too available do not present a challenge. Be as natural as you can be but be mysterious at the same time. An engaging personality is all you need to get a guy interested.

If you are happy with your first date and want to explore the possibility of a relationship, stop talking about your past relationships. Nothing turns off a guy more than women who go on and on about their past partners so better drop it. With these love dating tips to guide you, you sure will have a great time going out on dates.

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