10 Keys to a Successful Romantic Relationship

Successful Romantic Relationship

At the beginning of a romantic relationship, everything seems rosy, but as time passes and they begin life as a couple, reality catches up with them and then the moment comes when they must know and accept the other as the human being that he is, with all his strengths and weaknesses.

If love is true, the romantic relationship will take hold, grow and generate very strong and unbreakable ties, but reach that level you have to live moments that test tolerance, communication, respect, and the ability to negotiate.

In romantic relationships, like any other, it is small things. Just as a mispronounced word or a strange scene can throw a couple into a week’s worth of odd look, a gesture that seems small and unfamiliar helps keep a relationship on track. A little gift, an off-hand compliment, a moment of physical contact can greatly strengthen a relationship.

Moments that every romantic relationship must go through

For a romantic relationship to grow and consolidate, it needs to go through at least these 10 experiences. These moments will bring you together much more and you will be able to connect, feel closer and get to know each other much better.

01. Cook Together

Staying home to cook instead of eating out at a restaurant is crucial for the couple. Here they will learn about teamwork: organizing, dividing tasks, trusting, taking into account the likes of the other and solving unforeseen events.

02. Sleep Together

Far from seeming the most romantic idea of life as a couple, sleeping together teaches them a lot about each other. According to the University of Pittsburgh Institute of Medicine, the way couples sleep greatly affects their health, happiness and satisfaction.

03. Traveling Alone

If you don’t live together yet, this experience is the closest there is. On a trip you can get to know many of the other person’s habits and aspects of you individually: what do you enjoy the most, what food do you prefer, do you want a quiet or adventurous trip. We assure you that when they return from that trip they will arrive with a vision of the other very different from the one they had before leaving.

04. An Ultra Romantic Date

When you live together little by little the romanticism and spontaneity are lost, so organizing a romantic date is the way in which you can rekindle the romance. Try to make this evening full of cheesy things: music, candles, rose petals, a good wine.

05. To Dance

But we are not talking about going out to dance in a club or with friends, we are talking about dancing in a moment of complete intimacy and complicity, feeling very close, to the point of listening to the breathing and the heartbeat of the other. This will encourage non-verbal communication.

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06. Adopt a Pet

If you really want to know how committed and responsible the other is, nothing better than living the experience of adopting a pet. Sharing the raising of an animal, in addition to their expenses, walks, care, and affection will give them a very broad perspective of the true personality of each one.

07. Face a Loss

True love is shown in difficult moments and how life is not always happiness, it is important to know each other in times of sadness, pain, illness, unemployment, etc. These moments test support, closeness, empathy and understanding. There is nothing more comforting than knowing that despite how tough the road can be, there is someone to hold you and give you hope that everything will get better.

08. Overcome a Strong Fight

There will come a time in their romantic relationship when they find out what makes them angry, how they react, and how they deal with it. By experiencing an argument, you will have the opportunity to learn to deal with conflicts together and resolve them in a way that both of you are satisfied with the solution. Of course, if someone reacts violently, there is no way to stay to solve the problem.

09. Wake Up Talking

Not sleeping because of a long and deep conversation about life, the past, the future, dreams, fear and hurts become as intense as a night of passion. After this, they will feel as if their soul has been undressed and that definitely penetrates them even more than sex.

10. Getaway For a Few Days

From time to time it is fair and necessary for couples to miss each other, go out and live things separately, so they will value each other much more when they return. This does not mean that they break up, simply that they take time away and go out with their friends, their family or take time to be alone so that each person does not lose their individuality.

Have you been through any of these situations with your partner?

Successful Romantic Relationship – Conclusion

According to psychologists Nathaniel Branden and Robert Sternberg, who have both researched and written about the challenges of romantic relationships, this small display of interest and affection can be more important than all the “active listening” and faith games in the world. Their research has given 10 research tips to keep both research topics content, satisfied and happy with each other.

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